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Ranee Lee

About the Artist

When I am asked how long have I been painting? It is an immediate and true response to say, “For as long as I can remember! “
I feel that I was one of the ones chosen to sing, to dance, to paint, to act, to respond gratefully to the gift of life through creation!

Much like music, painting is the self expression that satisfies my inner being, experiencing the results are often challenging but always gratifying. I am a student of life, always learning and evolving.

As my passion grew in music, sketching and painting became more of a personal release. My home has always been an exhibition place for much of my works in many mediums, and art forms, all of which I love.

I have grown to respect the movements of the brush, and how it creates rhythm, in harmony with its subjects and mediums, just like that of lyric and melody, and all of the improvised elements of music that come together in a song when I am about the passion of painting. It is my parallel universe!

I love detail, and the communication from the artist to the listener/viewer allowing the self expression gene to work its magic.

Ranee Lee